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rewind my care, throw it away
Like a tape rewinds it self
Self destruction of what I have to say
Doesn't ceace to be
you never amazed me
with your power stricken grief
Shattering my spine of emotions so hidden in me
The reality shattered like broken wine glasses
I'll just listen to you they say
Then they throw everything you say away
Like garbage
I have a right to speak
But you damage me and disease
The very nature of what is meant to say
how I feel about something
But to you I'm a joke
Discarded like useless cards in a game
Losing the bet
Winning regret
Swimming in a pool of what is left
Of your sanity
For it you never meant to be free
you meant to dog me
and cross me
each day of my life
How those emotional knives cut me down
Watch me frown
But if you try to get away
I'll knock you to the ground
You'll be the one left gray
And you'll never shut out a word I say
For you can't rewind your care
The tape is destroyed
Turn your hate and pity on yourself
Throw it away like you did me
:iconschool:school 1 9
Fire flowers burn bright
Fire flowers burn bright
Burn into this blackest night that embraces cold
It's so strong but is it right
Or does the shell outgrow the mold
That fits upon your scars you fit so menacingly
To gleam upon the stage of life
You can't convince me
That you'll end this strife
It's denial like emotional knives
Cutting into your complexity diversity of nature
What lies hold your flesh like a suture
Slice CUT Slice
The knife hurts us all
Do you use deficiencies
As a source of many stupidities
Is it course
Is your life hoarse
No remorse
Of course it's pathetic
But do you ever get it
The real question is will you ever burn bright
Or fade out like the fakes in this life
Fire flower your can't be torn of your wings
But this is one of many grim things
Persecution of shame
Rape of the mind thoughts
Unfreeze the hate in cold chambers
Leave it desolate in the hangers of your closet
I can't be bought
Like an object
Still no sale on me
You obsessive freak
Let the shining shine on
:iconschool:school 5 11
gone but not forgotten in time
In heavens skies
I see your reflections on my life
In this time I had these cries
From heaven you'd reach out and touch me inside
When I feared to live life each day
You helped me have a reason to be happy
When you left this world so close to pain
I tried to keep myself from being sappy
In these tears I cry
I wish you'd never die
But live eternally
And heal me so beautifully
I cry these tears knowing you're never coming back
I hold my pillow at night knowing there's a lack
I look up in the night sky
And I see your reflections staring back at me
I can't help but cry
But also to know your souls are at peace
I :heart: you all with more then I can ever say
I think of you all each and every day
:iconschool:school 4 12
lost in the preciousness
Lost in this time
The precious of memories left behind
The delicate scapes of the lands we hold in our minds
That have endless beauty and release to only be drained and forgotten like a famous line
Lost in preciousness
We can't let these memories go truly
Lost in the heaviness
In what we think memories truly mean
Lost in what will never fade
But never fully die inside us
The things we remember so deeply
The things we love to forelook so meaningly
:iconschool:school 2 8
fake closeness
Fake love
you truly own it
Fake friendship
You truly owe it
Fake lies
You truly know it
Fake you
You truly show it
Fake security
You truly never known it
Fake understanding
You truly show it
Fake closeness
We never were close
You truly lied to me so full of bliss
This is well known
Fake compassion
You truly hate it
Fake reasoning
You truly rape it so fit
Fake bonding
You truly played this sick game
Fake honesty
You truly made me feel full of shame
Fake things
They make me sick
Just like you
And your devilish facades
You played me every time
My carpet shall not me dirtied ever again
:iconschool:school 0 11
in hiding they find me
In hiding to conceal
My pain and tears
The pain is forever real
And you know my fears
You used them against me
and I shivered in this life of mine
You say I'm better off dead sincerely
But my true friends say I need to be alive
I'm hiding
No one will find me
Someone has been lying
They weren't ever there for me truly
A true friend will help you up when you fall
And not let you fall on your face
This true friend is here and can do it all
And keep me from feeling like a disgrace
:iconschool:school 5 9
cuttting my life
Cutting my life
With mental knives for harassment
As if everything will be fine
When my pain continues to skyrocket
Your face and life will mean more less now then it has ever meant
:iconschool:school 0 9
trust you
Those 2 words mean less to me
If you can't mean them
Cuz anyone can trust
But to truly mean it is what matters most
:iconschool:school 0 5
You trash my truth
You trash my truth
For I know nothing at all
You pick on me for nothing while you try to uncouth
What really made me fall
You slam my words against the floor
As if what I have to say is never right
You just always simply implore
I'd be better off dead :( right
You shut away any help I give you
You hurt me inside
You have no idead like you say to be true
Who much you truly stole my pride once denied
You know nothing of me
So I consider you less then mature
This is pain is really agonizing
Someone hold me I need a hug and this life is a blur
:iconschool:school 0 10
silence my voice
Silence my voice
As if I have no right to speak
Don't give me a choice
I'll just for you remain weak
Just let me not say
What I need to
Just let me delve into the deeper grey
And hate myself more true
Silence my words
For your useless babble means nothing to me
Make me feel as if I should be cursed
I guess my brain needs a labotamy
Silence all feelings
I reall need to express
Make me feel numb more cuz I hate it while it's sealing
And slowly but unknowingly starting to digress
:iconschool:school 1 12
hold this lie
Hold this lie
It's full of empty shallowness and self pity
Hold it deep
For I need not your lies and excuses
Hold this lie
For tears roll down me and I fall apart
Don't ever deny you treated me unjust and you never told the lies
:iconschool:school 0 3
held you in nothing
I held you in nothing
You pushed yourself further from me
I can't keep this fronting
This pain is tormenting beyound belief
I held you in nothing
I should of seen there was no love coming
:iconschool:school 0 2
dogged like a fool
Play me for a fool
I'll keep falling for your games
Play it real cool
You can frame all my shame in it's place
Dogged like a fool
You really thought you had me
Treated so unjust and cruel
Someday you'll pay equally
:iconschool:school 0 2
empty promises
Empty promises you told me
Every betrayal was more discgracing
Every bit of hate for me you had was hurtful
Every time you hurt me you made me feel more dull
Empty promises
A fake friend will never keep
Empty promises
I've been lied to too much and that should not be
Empty promises
The lies keep coming
And the pain keeps numbing
:iconschool:school 0 3
tattered closeness by school tattered closeness :iconschool:school 0 5
cradled hate pacified in wrong
Cradled hate
Served on a plate
For all to enjoy it's delicasy
Cradled hate
Is more then we can take
It can turn into pure jealousy
Cradled waste
How we wrongly hold the filth we are so spaced
We fake others and can't tape
The things we hold so dear
The things we hold so near full of fear
Your minds will not be filled with mental rape
To hold so calously
To know so maliciously
To show so viciously
To go so malicely
We hold your tears
We rape them from your eyes
We know your fears
The cradled hate for us will be your demise
We know your life
We know who you love
We love you feeling strife
You can't push us or shove
We are your nightmare
Sickening come true
We are the things that violentely flare
But someone is here for you
With a heart of gold
And no strings ever attached
A friend that cares for you forever bold
With wits like yours that always match
With care that wraps itsself around you
They'll always be there when you fall
And the cradled hate you held so true
Will release itself and
:iconschool:school 2 6


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'I Will'
Umm... I wrote this November 8, 2002. I alwasy date my crap ^-^. Ummm i like it. Others seem to too so what the heck! I'll share with you!
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